English for a New Life (A1 level)


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The manual you have in front of you results from the hard work done by a beautiful group of English teachers, a group which God has helped me unite into a team called “English for a New Life” (EFNL). Why did we choose the name English “for a new life”? Because we want to help everyone studying this manual to have a new life. Knowing English opens new doors for education, better jobs, and opportunities to build new relationships. The authors of this manual are blessed to know and apply the spiritual truths of the Bible. Through this textbook, we offer you the opportunity to know these eternal truths that will bring joy and peace to your soul and wisdom that leads to happiness here and in eternity. Since 2000, God has helped us publish two adult English study manuals and one manual for children. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality product that meets the international English language learning requirements. This textbook is the first in the new EFNL branded series, and once you purchase it, you will be able to study individually, in groups, or on the EFNL online platform. Contact us if you are an English teacher to benefit from EFNL training. I thank God for the enormous work done by the authors of this manual, and I pray that you will have the best experience studying English with us.


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