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Privacy policy

Precept Moldova takes responsibility for the protection of personal data. The online activities of Precept Moldova are regulated by European and Republic of Moldova laws.

In short, about the privacy policy of the Precept Moldova website:

Precept Moldova does not use customers' personal data for illegal purposes.

Precept Moldova does not transmit customers' personal data to third parties.


The texts and other materials published on the 'Precept Moldova' website are protected by copyright law. This means that no person has the right to copy/transcribe the information published on the site without the consent of the 'Precept Moldova' website administrator. An exception is copying information for personal needs. Collection and use of personal data: In case the client indicates his/her personal data, such as name, phone number, e-mail address, home address, this information enables the 'Precept Moldova' collaborators to resolve, present new offers to customers and resolve any misunderstandings that may arise in a timely manner.

All personal data of clients (e.g. payment details) are not transmitted/disclosed to third parties. 'Precept Moldova' respects the confidentiality of all data entered by customers. All customer data is protected by the legal acts of the Republic of Moldova and in particular by Law no. 133/2011 - on the protection of personal data. Thus, the website administrator and 'Precept Moldova' collaborators are obliged to ensure the protection of personal data and to use it for the specified purposes without transmitting the information to third parties.

Offers from Precept Moldova

Offers from Precept Moldova are received only by customers who have subscribed to this option. If the customer no longer feels the need/has no need to receive offers from Precept Moldova, he/she can unsubscribe/disconnect from this option. 'Precept Moldova' transmits only important information that is necessary for customers. Customer email addresses and phone numbers are not disclosed to third parties.

Collection and use of personal data: For statistical data, 'Precept Moldova' collects information about site visitors (time when the site was accessed, duration of the visit, number of visitors, etc.). This information is not related to a specific person but represents only statistical information that 'Precept Moldova' analyzes to improve the functionality of the site. This data is used for marketing purposes and for customer service. Information about site visitors is not transmitted to third parties.


Precept Moldova presents relevant information left by customers. This information can be read on the Precept Moldova website in the 'Reviews' section. The transmission of personal data to third parties is possible only when required by the Law of the Republic of Moldova.

External links to other pages on the internet

The Precept Moldova website has external links to the sites of other individuals, enterprises, and organizations, but the Precept Moldova website is not responsible for the content and organization of personal data protection on those sites. Once you create an account on the Precept Moldova site, you are first acquainted with the confidentiality policy. Acceptance of the Precept Moldova site's conditions means that you agree to the rules and confidentiality policy proposed by the site. If you have any suggestions regarding the confidentiality policy of the Precept Moldova site, you can send us a letter to the email address:

The confidentiality policy was last updated in March 2021