Christians in the era of information technology




This workbook contains 8 chapters that will help you form a correct understanding of information technology, as well as develop techniques to use it effectively in everything that you do. Special emphasis is placed on social media, not only because of its effect upon us, but also because it has tremendous potential for evangelism and missions. You will learn how to approach social media correctly and how to think strategically about it. Each chapter also includes practical assignments. Do not overlook these assignments. They may seem difficult to you or take longer than you expected. They may make you feel uncomfortable or even rebuked. Whatever it is, do not overlook the assignments, otherwise you will not be able to attain the purpose of this manual. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you and help you discover the truth of the Word of God, which we will study, and show you how to apply this knowledge in the digital age. Also, please do not stop, do not give up on any subject. Instead, apply everything that you learn and share what you learn with others!

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