Marriage without regrets [PDF]



The “Marriage Without Regrets” course is a course where you will receive answers to the questions that bother you, you will understand who created the family, what is the role of the man, the role of the woman, what is love, about divorce and what attitude does God have towards divorce and many other truths for a marriage without regrets.

This course consists of 16 lessons that will help you have a marriage without regrets:

Lesson 1: Man! Woman! What’s the difference?
Lesson 2: The role of women
Lesson 3: Submission
Lesson 4: The role of the man
Lesson 5: The model man and model woman
Lesson 6: Communication
Lesson 7: Love – I
Lesson 8: Love – II
Lesson 9: Sexual relationship
Lesson 10: Permanence
Lesson 11: Divorce and Remarriage – I
Lesson 12: Divorce and Remarriage – II
Lesson 13: Tithing
Lesson 14: Finances
Lesson 15: The Home and Children
Lesson 16: Children


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